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brandedmedia offer both DVD replication and CD replication services. From 300 units plus, your master will be replicated rather than duplicated. This is a quicker and more cost effective option for the larger quantities. brandedmedia makes the DVD/CD replication process simple, effective and painless.

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Whether it's software, music or a marketing presentation - your data is transferred to a glass master which is used to create a metal stamper. This stamper is then mounted onto the disc moulding machines. The DVD/CD replication process works in two stages. Firstly polycarbonate plastic pellets are injection moulded into the shape of your completed disc. Molten aluminium is then sputtered onto the back surface of the disc creating the reflective layer that makes the disc work when read by the player's laser. Your information is stored on the disc as pits in the polycarbonate surface.

After we have replicated the disc we then silk screen print/litho print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from one to six colours either using CMYK process or Pantone. Either you supply your artwork or our graphics and design department will work with you to create your own design.

Need less than 300 units? brandedmedia offer DVD duplication and CD duplication services.

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DVD replication and DVD Duplication can easily be mistaken for the same process. If you need either service then look no further than Branded Media. From receipt of your master disc, Branded Media will create an exact replica glass master and press DVDs to create your finished DVD. After the pressing has been complete your DVD is checked for playability and defects to ensure when released to the market the DVD plays 100%. The finished pressed discs are always checked against your master during these processes. Branded Media, as a specialist company in bulk media duplication, offer a range of printing processes for bulk DVD replication from litho print, which allows designers to achieve the very best print quaintly in-line with the packaging. Litho printing is best described as photographic quality printing. Screen printing is also widely used and would be advised for pantone printing or text only print. As a leading UK company in this market, Branded Media take pride in the results they continuously achieve within their dedicated print department.

Every step of the process is carefully monitored to ensure all components are colour matched as closely as possible. From printing onto plastic, card or paper Branded Media will advise you every step of the way so you get the result you want.

It has been known for customers to send Branded Media examples of other printed material to match. Because Branded Media produce everything under one roof, it allows us to be flexible on the printing presses and plan to have the discs coming off the pressing line to meet the printing schedules and deliver to very tight deadlines.

It also means that reduction within the production cycle can be achieved when all parts are manufactured side by side in the same building. Some customers need a quantity of DVDs within 2 days. Branded Media will duplicate the DVDs, print them and have them delivered back to you within 24 hours. This process is different as we do not create a stamper, we duplicate onto unbranded DVD R media and then print directly onto the disc. Branded Media would always advise its customers to replicate rather duplicate DVDs but when the discs are needed for a press release or last minute dash then this is the answer.

The packaging solutions that Branded Media have produced for DVDs have been amazing this year. Spot UV, foil blocking, matt lamination, reverse embossing, all these process’s are available and will always add value to your finished DVD. Branded Media have come up with some of the most creative and high-end packs ever seen in today’s DVD entertainment market. Rigid packs have seen a big come back for the DVD market, everyone wants to get that extra revenue out of the content and using rigid boxes seems to be the way forward. Branded Media can produce any size and finish rigid box or card based pack to hold multiple DVDs.

The minute you hear collectable DVD series or special DVD box sets you generally see DVDs packed into rigid outer boxes with various finishes. From the DVD replication and printing process, through to the make up and print of the outer packaging Branded Media produce the entire product all under one roof. The benefits of this are speed, efficiency, cost and communication. Speak to Branded Media today and allow us to demonstrate how we can save you time and money on your next release.

Branded Media is a leading company within the UK for bulk DVD Replication and Duplication.

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