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DVD Video is now the most popular way to present programs and creative content for both marketing and Film and our authoring studio is able to offer DVD creation for all levels.

Perhaps you require a disc with complex interactivity, moving menus, slideshows etc. We can simplify the process by planning and producing eye catching and intuitive menus making your DVD fun and interesting to use.

Or, if you have something less complicated in mind then we can produce a simple solution of great quality. A single menu with a handful of options will look stylish and professional, making it easy to use and will help to keep your costs down.

Do you need foreign languages or subtitles? Don't forget that DVD can hold 8 language tracks and up to 32 subtitle tracks. There are several options we provide for translating, dubbing and subtitling that could really help your project reach the widest possible audience.

All our DVDs are encoded to Mpeg and Dolby digital using the same systems you would find in a Hollywood studio. Quality is always held in the highest regard at brandedmedia.

Some technical Info:

DVD Video PAL (for UK and Europe)
Resolution = 720x576 and runs at 25 frames per second.
DVD Video NTSC (for USA and Japan)
Resolution = 720x480 and runs at app 30 frames per second.
Both formats will hold up to 3 hours of Video at excellent quality.

Additional Info | DVD Authoring

Here at branded media we present DVD authoring and encoding services that are efficiently and professionally adapted to deliver your project at the highest quality, on time and within your budget.
 Branded Media can offer varied cost effective DVD authoring services from your footage, these consist of:

Your DVD being completed with no complicated input of menu's, with this no fuss solution you can just plug and play your DVD, but also a standard template system can be attained with a simple menu solution.

Branded Media can design and create your DVD by including video, audio, images, logos, menus, text and graphics. We can interpret different supplied formats for example extracting images from CD-ROM.

Projects we have developed recently consist of clients’ exhibition and art gallery presentations, professional training presentations, corporate or feature films with multiple chapter and title options, product catalogues and many, many more. We encode and author fully interactive DVD’s ready for replication or duplication, and then distribute to your customers worldwide.
For clients seeking a specially commissioned bespoke menu structure, Branded Media will shape the project around your exact dimensions and features.

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