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brandedmedia offer both CD replication and DVD replication services. From 300 units plus, your master will be replicated rather than duplicated. This is a quicker and more cost effective option for the larger quantities. brandedmedia makes the CD/DVD replication process simple, effective and painless.

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Whether it's software, music or a marketing presentation - your data is transferred to a glass master which is used to create a metal stamper. This stamper is then mounted onto the disc moulding machines. The CD/DVD replication process works in two stages. Firstly polycarbonate plastic pellets are injection moulded into the shape of your completed disc. Molten aluminium is then sputtered onto the back surface of the disc creating the reflective layer that makes the disc work when read by the player's laser. Your information is stored on the disc as pits in the polycarbonate surface.

After we have replicated the disc we then silk screen print/litho print directly onto the face of the disc. We can print from one to six colours either using CMYK process or Pantone. Either you supply your artwork or our graphics and design department will work with you to create your own design.

Need less than 300 units? brandedmedia offer CD duplication and DVD duplication services.

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For all your CD replication needs look no further than Branded Media.

Replication is the process of making an exact replica of your master. It’s the most cost effective manufacturing process for high volume requirements.

Branded Media fabricate every project to the highest standard and achieve a fast turnaround, all replication is carried out in-house under strict quality control supervision. Also Branded Media’s graphic designers are specialists in multimedia packaging solutions, and our audio engineering team, produce the finest quality from your recordings.

With our honest approach to doing business, coupled with excellent customer service and the best quality products available, we have achieved an unrivalled reputation in the digital replication market place.

Branded Media are always willing to offer help with your digital content and its artwork, if you have any specific requirements for CD projects please feel free to contact us on the number above, or via e-mail.

We always endeavour to fulfil individual requests but also have the expertise of managing any large quantity CD runs for: promotional business tools and a vast variety of multi media applications, so Branded Media are you’re CD replication company of the future.

Branded Media provides the best CD replication deals within the UK.

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