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The extra interactivity of CD and DVD ROM makes it entirely unique.

Multiple web links, PDFs, PowerPoint and other documents can all be programmed to run from one standalone custom built menu system.

These menus can be animated in far a more intricate way than DVD Video is able to achieve. Sound effects and motion effects on rollovers can really enhance the experience and make viewing a real pleasure. Gone are the days of poor quality video with discs made for viewing on computers.

Now that home PCs and Macs are faster and with advances in video encoding you really can have large, and high quality videos playing on your ROM discs, sometimes even in High definition. CD and DVD ROMs are compatible with most modern operating systems and computers; there are also options to make the video content play on DVD players as well, by creating a hybrid disc.

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Branded Media can ensure that your target audience understands all of the capabilities and the benefits that this brings to them when dealing with your company. All aspects of your company can be portrayed through the use of cd-rom technology and professionally produced multimedia.

Branded media can aid you in applying your PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, word documents, video clips etc onto multimedia to ensure a simpler but more professional way of representing your company. Branded Media can build professional CD-ROM programming by applying professional front end screens: this will make it simpler for the user to activate and click on elements that they want to watch or read in your specified formats such as Director, Flash, HTML or PDF.

Multimedia authoring can help construct photos and videos into your informative presentations.

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