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Blu-ray and HD DVD delivers the latest in high definition picture quality and the best sound you have ever experienced.

brandedmedia is delighted to offer its customers the option for Blu-ray and HD DVD authoring, disc production and all the latest packaging solutions to accompany this truly award winning revolution.

Blu-ray and HD DVD is a new, high-density optical disc that offers massively increased storage capacity, with up to 50GB of available storage for data, video and sound. This mighty and high performance disc gives you the opportunity to have up to 6 times the size of a standard double sided DVD.

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  HD DVD Blu-ray™ DVD Video
CAPACITY Up to 30 GB Up to 50 GB Up to 8.5 GB
PLAYERS Specific HD DVD Format with blue laser

405 nanometers)
Specific Blu-ray with blue laser

405 nanometers)
- DVD player with red laser (650 nanometers)

- HD DVD players
COMPATIBILITY All HD DVD players read DVD Video Some Blu-ray players will be able to read DVD Video Current DVD won’t read HD DVD nor Blu-ray
DISC STRUCTURE Structure is the same as the one of a DVD : dual-layer of 0.6mm

Size of the pit : 0.40 micron
New Structure:

1 layer of 0.1mm, and one layer of de 1.1mm

- Size of the pit : 0.32 micron
2 layers of 0.6mm

- Size of the pit : 0.74 micron
VIDEO FORMAT 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 720 x 576 PAL

Additional Info | Blu-Ray Replication and Duplication

Branded Media develop blu-ray discs for storage media in High Definition format as they become a rising trend, with high definition TVs becoming more sort after and consumers demanding high definition quality.

Branded Media’s blu-ray replication and duplication processes produce discs with incredible high-resolution imagery, innovative special features and also enhanced surround sound capability.

Branded Media's blu-ray single and dual layer disc formats allow for more than just movie content they can also play music, games and interactive features with their huge capacity of up to 50GB.

Our expertise here at Branded Media can aid you in experiencing products that are within the costs of your budget by simplifying your consumers’ entertainment experience. With a duplication service that delivers against your requirements.

There's no need to pack additional discs to store bonus materials, blu-ray discs have room for more than five hours of the highest high definition quality video.

Alternatively with their large capacity blu-ray discs may be utilised to create discs with large amounts of material in Standard Definition quality, such as TV shows. Here at Branded Media we can turn a typical season of a TV show requiring multiple disc sets into a single blu-ray disc and replicate or duplicate these to quantities of your choice. If you would like further information regarding our Blu ray duplication or replication services, please call the number at the top of the page.

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