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If you have a program in high definition, the best way to present it is using Blu-Ray technology.

With Blu-ray we can produce Video Discs capable of 4 times the resolution of DVD alongside greater user interactivity. We can build motion menus and slideshows of extremely high visual quality and present your high definition content using high quality encoding methods and systems.

Our high def studio is equipped to take your video through to Blu-ray disc from tape or media files using a keen eye for detail.

Here is a grid to help you see the advantages between DVD and Blu-ray.

  HD DVD Blu-ray™ DVD Video
CAPACITY Up to 30 GB Up to 50 GB Up to 8.5 GB
PLAYERS Specific HD DVD Format with blue laser

(405 nanometers)
Specific Blu-ray with blue laser

(405 nanometers)
DVD player with red laser (650 nanometers)

HD DVD players
COMPATIBILITY All HD DVD players read DVD Video Some Blu-ray players will be able to read DVD Video Current DVD won’t read HD DVD nor Blu-ray
DISC STRUCTURE Structure is the same as the one of a DVD : dual-layer of 0.6mm

Size of the pit : 0.40 micron
New Structure:

1 layer of 0.1mm, and one layer of de 1.1mm

Size of the pit : 0.32 micron
2 layers of 0.6mm

Size of the pit : 0.74 micron
VIDEO FORMAT 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 720 x 576 PAL

Additional Info | Blu Ray and High Definition Authoring

Branded Media offer the service of multimedia Blu-ray Authoring so you have access to advance authoring and editing features for your High Definition content.

We can capture videos from your camcorder and customise it the way you like by adding high definition and high quality 2D and 3D menus.

Also incorporating full colour menus over video, with animated buttons and highlights, sound effects attached to menu buttons, pop-up menus and slide shows with uninterrupted soundtracks.

Branded Media produce Blu-ray multimedia at a bigger, better version than on DVD. The resolution becomes incredible, providing truly stunning picture quality.

We have designed many multimedia CD’s and DVD’s for professional high volume production. We believe authoring provides you with the flexibility to achieve professional authoring scenarios for both the novice and the expert user to be amazed at.

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