Video Brochures at Branded Media

Media packs by brandedmedia are the technological essentials for this seasons business owner who is looking to increase marketplace share and brand awareness. In addition to what is on show on our website, brandedmedia are always delighted to offer our customers a fully bespoke service into which we can incorporate particular aspects of your product or service as well as help create any existing ideas or design templates you may already have.


If you have no specified format then the brandedmedia design team are always delighted to help serve your business by offering innovative and unique media pack solutions.
Media packs by brandedmedia were founded on the principle that the customer should be amazed, delighted and excited by a new product if that product is to be successful. Media packs were therefore devised to present as a full-on 3D movie of any product or service.
It’s a scientific fact that the human brain recalls a message more clearly when there is a picture attached thereby giving the brain a tangible link. Thus separating your product from the humdrum of the workplace norm of one-dimensional business cards and flyers, the media pack rockets your brand to the frontal lobe of potential customers.
Although media packs by brandedmedia are a relatively new technology, it may surprise you to know that these units are surprisingly cost-effective. Check the brandedmedia website for current prices and special offers or call the brandedmedia team now on 01256 355533.
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