DVD Packaging

One of the biggest TV titles of 2013 was released in the US last week, the complete series of the acclaimed drama Breaking Bad.  The Blu-ray set, which comprises 16 discs in total, comes with very clever DVD packaging to appeal to fans.


The set is enclosed in a copy of one of lead characters Walter Whites infamous barrels full of money. The box-set also comes with a host of special features, including all the ones from previous separate releases of the five season series on DVD, plus a brand new two hour documentary on the making of the series, a companion booklet, and Los Pollos Hermanon apron.

Clever packaging makes the Breaking Bad set a particularly eye-catching release, and brandedmedia are very well aware of how important DVD packaging is to the success of a new release.  The Breaking Bad box-set is just one of a number of examples of how seriously the packaging of an already high quality product is taken, which is why it is so important to turn to the services of this Basingstoke, Hampshire company, which can provide value for money as well as truly innovative design.


Using the right DVD packaging can delight your established customers and attract an entirely new consumer base.  Work with the excellent and creative design team at brandedmedia to create DVD packaging that will help raise your product to a new level. 
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