No need to hope with brandedmedia | Heavenly DVD packaging from Basingstoke in Hampshire

American legend Billy Graham is celebrating his 95th birthday by continuing to share his faith in Jesus Christ. The 7th of November marks both Grahams birthday and the launch of his nationwide push to revive the church, known as My Hope with Billy Graham.

The campaign includes the DVD programme My Hope, which contains in the packaging a DVD containing The Cross, Lose To Gain, Momentos Decisivos and Defining Moments, but also includes a devotional guide, suggestions for how to use the program and a letter. The program is being sent to pastors who have registered their churches. Graham may know about religion, but it is clear that he, or those involved with the production of the DVD, also know about marketing and DVD packaging.

Likewise, brandedmediaunderstands that the packaging accompanying the release or arrival of a DVD to the wider world is every bit as important as the actual contents of the DVD. It is crucial to make sure that the contents of the DVD are complemented and enhanced by an appropriate DVD package that will hold attention.

This Basingstoke, Hampshire company provides a wide array of DVD packaging solutions that can be purchased straight off-the-shelf. However, those who really want to make an impact can choose instead to work alongside the design team to create something truly unique and, you might say, heaven-sent.
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