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With more and more UK businesses recognising the value of video brochures as a marketing tool its now official – video brochures are here to stay. Created by fitting a tiny screen into a traditional paper/card setting and packaged accordingly the video brochure is nothing less than an amazing little device to help you gain greater marketplace share and increase sales.

Video brochures work by means of your customer viewing a mini movie of your brand, product or service. Although popular to drive new products, video brochures can also be used to give a makeover to an existing product or when a new variation is launched. 

YouTube videos can be transferred onto video brochures which make it even easier for potential clients to find your product amongst those of your competitors. If you don’t use YouTube or would like to record fresh content then you can do so easily with the video brochure.

Video brochures are very user-friendly and, depending upon the model used, can hold up to four different videos offering a playback time in excess of 2-hours. That’s a mighty long pitch in anyone’s book but the beauty of the video brochure is that your client can view it anywhere and anytime. This gives your product more of an opportunity to shine making the new style video brochures a thing of beauty in the corporate world.

Brandedmedia offer an exciting range of video brochures. Contact us today for details and for some superb deals going forward.

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