Video Brochures | Video Brochures are the best of both worlds from brandedmedia, basingstoke

Impress your customers and drive your brand forward with the new video brochures from brandedmedia. Using the format of the traditional paper introductions such as business card, leaflet and marketing flyer in tandem with 21st century technology, video brochures bring the best of both worlds: a mini-movie of your brand.

The steady rise of video software looks set to continue and with todays marketplace becoming increasingly crowded the video brochure is the smart way to make your product stand above the rest.

If you already have a YouTube channel and would like to convert it into video pack format and perhaps take the opportunity to update or revamp your message then this is the perfect time to do so.

Large leaflet size, A5 size, business card size – the video brochure is nothing if not versatile and your customer can view your ad in your preferred format. Colour, graphics and sound quality does not diminish with a smaller screen so you can be confident that all three sizes of video brochure will deliver your product professionally and seamlessly.

For those who thrive on being different, speak to brandedmedias design team today about a bespoke characterisation of your brand. Spend a little time on getting the pitch of the video just right and you can allow the device to speak for you. Potential customers can then rerun the video anytime they choose rather than try to recall your pitch in amongst others they may have seen on the same day.

Give your product the best chance to remain in the memory of your customers. Get the most from todays technology, polish your brand to a 21st century shine and watch your business grow.


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