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Video brochures are an innovative, intelligent and colourful way to display your wares on the marketplace stage. Choose a business card size, neat, quirky and very sharp this small tool contains all you need to bring your product or service to life. Or if you want something a little bigger select the A5 video brochure or the oversized A5 pack which boasts a 5-inch screen. Incredibly all of these video brochures cost less than £50.

A professional video brochure will earn its keep many times over in terms of increased market share and product awareness. Video brochures are hardy little devices too and can safely be mailed direct to customers.

The brandedmedia video brochure will arrive at your customers door in a durable cardboard pack and the video itself is further protected inside a specially designed case. All your customer need do is to open the brochure and the video will automatically begin to play. If you choose to have more than one video message recorded then the customer can easily find all your products and messages by selecting the various video buttons. When the battery becomes low the device can be quickly recharged from pc or laptop via a USB cable.

For more information about our video brochure designs and how they can help you grow your brand speak to a brandedmedia professional today.

Check out our fabulous video brochure range online or give brandedmedia a call on 01256 355533.



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