Video Brochures at Brandedmedia | Accelerate your brand into the limelight!

Brandedmedias video brochure design accelerates your brand straight into the limelight. Business owners who choose Brandedmedia products are ensuring they receive not only the best price but the best quality product and a customer service which is second to none.

With Brandedmedias video brochure you remain in control. Your brand, your business and your spec. To this end we offer a full colour print video brochure in PDF with gloss or matt lamination, auto no/off, video uploading software, rechargeable battery, volume control and space for a maximum of 4 videos. All Brandedmedia videos come with a free charger cable.

The Brandedmedia video brochure offers a built-in memory of 256MG (around 30-minutes of recording equalling 2 hours playing time). The device plays MPEG and AVI files and the battery can be recharged via any type of pc or laptop and takes approximately 3 ½ hours from low level to fully charged. Video files can be transferred from the video brochure to a pc or laptop quickly and easily by means of a USB cable.

Have your tailor-made video brochure delivered within 7-10 days of your approval of the graphics.

The video brochure is the dream of direct marketing so the Brandedmedia video is created with that in mind. The robust quality of the device can mean a lengthy lifespan. The video brochure is tough enough to be mailed when packaged appropriately.

Speak to a member of the Brandedmedia team or contact us via the website and order your video brochure today.



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