Video Brochures at Brandedmedia | The Perfect Audio Visual Marketing Tool!

Video brochures are the very latest in innovation and sales techniques to take the marketplace by storm. In a nutshell the video brochure is an audio/visual tool in brochure format. This piece of kit is fast becoming the norm in the hands of busy execs and business users who are looking for the max in terms of product and service description and specs. Video content is on the rise and in recognition of this, businesses with an eye on the long game are using the video brochure as the walking talking business card it is.

Video brochures come in various sizes from pocket size (a little larger than a standard business card) to leaflet A5 size and can be partnered with YouTube, another hugely popular media tool used by businesses and consumers across the globe. If you already have content on YouTube and would like to adapt it to fit on a video brochure thus making your message portable, then nothing could be easier.

Brandedmedia has the genuine expertise to transfer video formats to enhance and get your product out there in glorious graphic form. Dont be taken in by media companies who want to charge the earth for this service; speak to Brandedmedia first and be delighted at how cost-effective our video brochures are and how much they will do for your business.

Brandedmedia has an extensive range of video brochures online or if you would prefer to contact the team direct please do so on 01256 355533 and let us help your business moving forward.





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