Dont get spooked by scary packaging | DVD packaging at Brandedmedia

Halloween has come early on DVD in the United States, with the release of many horror DVDs and Blu-rays including Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection box-set. This horror package includes ten discs, 12 films in both Blu-ray and digital format, with the book-style DVD packaging coming with a 40 page photo book, collectible tin case and an iron-on patch for Camp Crystal Lake, which is the setting of many of the films. Film 3 also comes in 3D with a pair of 3D glasses included in the package, (the third instalment was made in this format back in the 1980s).

Warner Bros are clearly aware of the importance of packaging to fans likely to pick up the release of the films, and Brandedmedia is also very clear on this subject.  This Hampshire, Basingstoke company knows that no company wants to have spent time and money on products only to end up a failure because it has been let down by the packaging. 

The good news is that there is no danger of that happening so long as you choose to go with Brandedmedia.  The company offers an extremely wide and eclectic selection of CD and DVD packaging solutions that you can choose.

Alternatively, if you want something very special for your product, you also have the option of being able to work alongside the extremely creative design team to come up with an entirely unique packaging for your creation.

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