Off the Shelf USB Packaging | Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

Available for delivery right now from our warehouse to your premises, Brandedmedia offers an extensive range of exciting and cleverly designed of- the-shelf USB packaging. Whether you need presentation packs, cardboard sleeves, concertinas, eco-friendly plastics, mailer packs or our uniquely designed Solar Range choose Brandedmedia for style, design and unbeatable price.

Based in Berkshire, Brandedmedia has boundless marketing experience and is therefore well-equipped to offer workable advice and achievable USB packaging solutions which wont cost the earth.

The ever-popular Brandedmedia Jake Pack is quirky, stylish and very useful for housing those DVD/CD discs safely and securely. Or, if you have extensive information to be included, you might prefer an over-sized DVD case and cardboard sleeve. The Clam Shell and Clam Shell Box are old favourites in terms of packaging solutions and are available in a range of styles and colours and can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

Another favourite off-the-shelfer of our customers is the Maltese Cross design. This flat-pack is ideal for storing up to five discs and when folded is no larger than a single cardboard case. As the name suggests, the Maltese Cross opens out into a cross-shape with the inside of each sleeve available for product information.

With Brandedmedia design off-the-shelf does not mean commonplace and our designs offer originality, innovation and are easy on the eye. Lightweight designs make them mail-friendly and we can deliver your shipment anywhere in the UK on time and within budget.



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