DVD Packaging in Basingstoke, Hampshire | Help save the world with Brandedmedia

DVD packaging in Basingstoke in Hampshire can provide a range of environmentally friendly solutions. Sony Pictures has announced new sustainability efforts to improve the firm’s ecological footprint. Sony Pictures has also made a number of observations regarding the possible end of the DVD era, noting that DVDs becoming obsolete would actually be of great help to the environment.

Although Sony Pictures has no plans to phase out DVDs completely, it wants to help consumers to believe that the best and most eco-friendly option is digital distribution. While brandedmedia does not believe that the end of the DVD era is likely to happen for a very long time, the Basingstoke, Hampshire company is very happy to help the environment. DVD packaging such as small box-sets that include multiple discs within the one small package rather than numerous individual cases can be a big help towards minimising environmental impact.

Box-sets are also very attractive to the consumer as well, with many people already having large collections of DVDs and CDs that can become a storage problem. The packaging of box-sets can be attractive to the customer for more traditional reasons, including style and design.

Brandedmedia is able to offer a range of off the shelf designs for DVDs, box-sets and otherwise. Clients that want something unique are encouraged to work closely with its excellent design team in order to come up with something that will be individual and striking.

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