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Channel 4 Learning has published its list of educational DVDs for Summer 2013 and at brandedmedia we are delighted to see that the variety and quality of the resources for a wide range of subjects is reflected in the DVD series design and packaging. We know that with so many resources on offer it can be hard to make each subject area and age range distinctive, however the use of colour-coding and relevant images makes browsing the new series easy.

Subjects include English, History, Geography, Maths and Science as well as Religious Education and PSHE (personal, social and health education). Each DVD is aimed at providing children and teachers with a source of expert advice and help in the relevant subject – some use multimedia such as animation blended with live action to promote better understanding of the topic.

At brandedmedia in Hampshire we know that clever design and packaging means creating a brand that is instantly recognisable and at the same time making it easy for your customers to identify exactly what the product is and does. Channel 4 Learning has done just that across all 23 DVDs available in its Channel 4 Learning Primary DVDs, and we’re particularly impressed by the content of Shape, Space and Measures aimed at children aged 7–11 years, which includes artists and designers showing how maths is applied to the creative processes of weaving, tiling, printing and Computer Aided Design.

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