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New details on the home video release of new anime series RDG Red Data Girl have been revealed. The 12 episode series made by PA Works, which is set to commence in just under two months time in April, is to be released on DVD and Blu-ray across six discs, retailing at 6930 yen and 7980 yen respectively.

The first volume appears to have a number of extra features, while the DVD packaging is to come complete with a booklet that contains a short novel by Noriko Nogiwara as well as an interview and an anime setting. In addition, the DVD set also includes an illustration card set, transparent sleeve, charm bookmark and two digipak illustrations from character designers Minako Shiba and Kishida Mel.

The DVD and Blu-ray release of RDG Red Data Girl is only further illustration of how seriously the producers of such content take DVD packaging. Packaging not only serves to highlight the content of the package but it can also offer an additional reason for fans of the TV show or films concerned to purchase content they may already be familiar with.

Brandedmedia is well aware of how important is to make sure that innovative packaging accompanies quality content. This Basingstoke, Hampshire company can offer a wide range of quality options including the chance to create unique packaging by working in close conjunction with its top designers.

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