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Disney Educational Productions has designed a new DVD package aimed at students in the United States. The DVD package includes an educator’s guide to assist teachers with complete lesson plans and meaningful discussions relating to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln as well as the importance of that time of American history. All US middle and high school students will receive the DVD package.

The program has been partly inspired by the massive success of Steven Spielberg’s new film Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis. The movie has been a huge hit on cinema release and it will be released on DVD within the next few months, although some questions have been raised about its historical accuracy.

Movies and educational DVDs all need to be included in the best DVD packaging available. Whether the subject matter is education or entertainment, the content of the disc needs to be reflected in packaging, which is both appropriate to the material contained within and yet still also appealing to the customer on an aesthetic level.

Brandedmedia offers the producers of entertainment and educational DVDs packaging that is best for them, ranging from a wide selection of off the shelf packaging options to the ability to work with cutting-edge designers to come up with a truly unique package. This Basingstoke, Hampshire company is the place to turn for associations, businesses, musicians, and many other domains.

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