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AMC in the United States has released what many are describing as the coolest piece of DVD packaging ever. The Blu-ray limited edition box set of the third season of US zombie apocalypse drama The Walking Dead is to be boxed in a replica of the Governor’s infamously sinister floating zombie head aquarium.

Just to make the DVD packaging unique, not to mention downright weird, the packaging can actually be filled with water. The set comes complete with no less than five zombie heads that can be placed in the water and they will float when you do so!

The DVD packaging for The Walking Dead season three Blu-ray box set is just more proof of what the great majority of retailers already know: packaging is important, often just as important as the actual contents or at least very close to it. Eye-catching packaging gets attention, and original twists such as the one designed for The Walking Dead Blu-ray box-set also generate a great deal of buzz and word of mouth, adding to the publicity for the release of the product.

Brandedmedia is quite capable of bringing whatever original ideas you may have for your DVD packaging to life, floating zombie heads or otherwise. This Basingstoke, Hampshire company has the experience and the design team that can make all of your packaging dreams come true.

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