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Kodansha, a Japanese book publisher, has begun the streaming of a brand new promotional video for the limited release of volume 36 of Fairy Tail. The new release DVD is set to include a copy of the DVD of Fairy Tail: Hoo ni Miko while also included in the DVD packaging is a special prologue DVD entitled Hajimari No Asa.

After spending so much time and energy on the contents of a DVD, it is, of course, of crucial import to make sure that the packaging it is contained within is not only suitable and appropriate but is also attractive and eye-catching. The packaging needs to appeal to your existing customer base and perhaps even help to expand it along the way.

Brandedmedia offers a varied and extensive range of DVD packaging solutions. You are also able to work alongside this Basingstoke, Hampshire company with its creative design team to come up with an original and unique form of DVD packaging not seen before and it will certainly help your product to stand out in what is a very crowded marketplace indeed these days.

The company is also able to provide the packaging with a large selection of different finishes, something that can really add the right finishing touch to any designer pack such as foil blocking and embossing.

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