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A man from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is facing charges of music piracy after police uncovered over 20,000 bootleg CDs. Police have charged 49-year-old Donald Wands with unauthorized recording, felon in possession of a firearm, intimidation of a witness and required labelling, all of which are felonies, after being placed under arrest on the 19th of December.

Police investigating a major music piracy scheme executed a warrant and found over 800 original CDs as well as the 20,000 plus bootleg CDs and duplication equipment. Sgt Nicholas Onken believes that the scale of the operation indicates that Wands has been engaged in selling the pirate CDs for quite some time.

One way of preventing your CDs from being bootlegged is to use the services of Brandedmedia. This Basingstoke, Hampshire company is able to offer CD duplication services with a specially designed protection system to prevent copying.

Quality packaging is another way for customers to tell a fake from the real thing. Brandedmedia has a wide array of quality ‘off the shelf’ CD packaging designs. However, we also offer the option of having a customized CD package designed especially for your product for which you can work in close consultation with our design team. For an original CD packaging design that will enhance your product and help to protect you against copies, contact us at Brandedmedia.

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