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If you have a TV buff in the family and are contemplating what to get him or her for Christmas, there is a whole sleigh load of options when it comes to DVD box sets this year. There is no doubt that of all the numerous choices available this festive season, the one with the best packaging can only be the Mission Impossible: the Complete Television Collection set from Paramount Home Media.

The almost literally explosive container comes in the form of a red dynamite keg, including the fuse! The case includes eight metal ‘tape’ cans on the inside, in each of which can be found all eight seasons, 56 discs in total, of the original classic series. The series ran from 1966 to 1973, as well as two further seasons that were made in 1988 in Australia and all star Peter Graves as Jim Phelps.

The packaging is undeniably impressive and eye-catching, as well as being appropriate for the product and likely to be of appeal to its customers. Appropriate, impressive, eye-catching, and appealing should be the key words for any form of DVD packaging, which is why a wide range of DVD packaging can be sought from Brandedmedia.

The Basingstoke, Hampshire company does not just offer off the shelf packaging however, as it can also create custom designs just for you and your particular company’s product. Having a unique and appealing packaging design for your DVDs is most definitely not a Mission Impossible if you use Brandedmedia!

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