DVD Packaging

To the consumer, packaging is important, how it looks is almost as crucial as what is inside, so in addition to being tough and durable enough to be shipped safely all over the world, DVD packaging must also be cost-effective and look attractive on the shelves. A tall order perhaps, but the packaging industry is as quick changing as the market itself – it has to be in order to survive.

DVD packaging design, both for DVD-Rom and DVD-Video, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and cost. For example if the customer requires a casing for promotional company DVD’s then the clam shell (c-shell), wallet, or single slim line case would be suitable with the company logo on both the case and the DVD itself. For DVD films, the standard (almost A5) size remains popular with coloured inserts, graphics, and information about the film. For those special editions you will keep forever, there are bespoke leather crafted DVD cases, novelty, digipacks, and special edition multi-pack casings available.

However, customers now desire environmentally-friendly DVD packaging solutions and in fact movie giants Warner Bros. have been using recycled packaging since 2008 , notably for their The 11th Hour documentary, so to this end packaging companies are devising more innovative ways to use recyclable materials as well as keeping the cost in check. Another tall order, but DVD packaging manufacturers consistently come up with the solutions necessary to meet customer demands.

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