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August 11th 11, 14:40

We buy with our eyes as they say and it is very true. An attractive design package goes a long way to sell any commodity and therefore packaging design has never been more important than it is today in this fast consumer-paced world So whatever the product, it would be fair to say that packaging plays an important – or even crucial - role in marketplace success.

As well as looking attractive to the buyer, the packaging must also be cost effective, practical, and safe. There are many brands now famous for their packaging for example everyone recognises the Coca-Cola script signature and when Fairy Liquid recently returned to its original packaging to celebrate the Royal Wedding (Prince William and Kate Middleton, April 2011) consumers (who are old enough of course!) had no trouble remembering the design from the 1960s when it was first sold.

So packaging has now become so much more than simply something to enclose the product, keeping it safe in storage and for distribution. Packaging design now is an art form where designers employ all the technology at their disposal to create a package to relate to the consumer. Everything is taken into account for packaging design:

· The age of the target market.
· Demographics.
· Current trends.
· Manufacture cost.
· Overall visual appeal.
· Brand style and ethics (e.g. environmentally friendly, recyclable, fair trade etc.)

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