Eco-friendly disc packaging | Eco-friendly film packaging is the way forward at Brandedmedia in Basingstoke

June 6th 12, 14:11

In business, it is crucial to keep on reinventing products, style, and packaging in order to do two main things:

• To keep the customer interested.

• To accelerate towards an eventual 100 per cent eco-friendly solution.

If these two things do not happen or happen quickly enough then the public lose interest or, in the case of the manufacturer of single-use plastic PET bottles in Massachusetts, face a threatening demise of business. The city of Concord passed a Bill to ban the retail of one-time use PET water bottles, which of course bodes ill for the manufacturer as well as seriously rattling the corporate cage of The International Bottled Water Association.

Brandedmedia in Basingstoke, Hampshire understands the importance of moving constantly towards sustainable film packaging and our design team work steadily towards that end. There will always be a use for film packaging but for businesses employing the long eye, it is clear that for film packaging to retain its popularity with customers it must be seen moving towards an eventual and total recyclable state.

Brandedmedia’s intelligent design team are constantly working to improve all packaging solutions whilst keeping manufacture at a cost effective level. Contact brandedmedia with your film packaging requirements and we will work tirelessly to provide the solution you need at a competitive price.

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