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August 28th 12, 16:43

Blu-ray DVDs in Basingstoke and HD DVD's are popular because of the fact that they are able to deliver the very best movie experience you will have ever seen, in addition to the very latest in high definition picture quality. Among its other multimedia options, brandedmedia is able to offer its customers the option for authoring in Blu-ray and HD DVD, as well as disc production and all of the most up to date DVD packaging options, which can accompany this award winning digital revolution.

The classic 1990 family friendly horror flick Arachnophobia has finally been released on Blu-ray DVD. A throwback to 1950s creature features, the movie has plenty of comedy and tongue in cheek campness, yet simultaneously manages to be one of the scariest horror films about spiders ever made, and it is in the process becoming a cult classic for film fans.

Blu-ray and HD DVD is a brand new, optical, high-density disc that offers an enormously increased capacity for storage, with up to as much as 50GB of storage available for the likes of data, sound, and video. The high performance disc therefore offers people the chance to have as much as six times the content than can be found on the normal sized double-sided DVD.

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