Multimedia Packaging

August 15th 11, 12:03

Multimedia packaging, if it is intelligent, innovative with exciting designs and graphics, goes a long way to sell any type of product. The huge growth of the multimedia industry has meant that packaging has had to keep pace with developments, with manufacturers realising the importance of packaging, and the definitive role it plays in customer sales. Multimedia is one of the fastest industries there is and change happens almost daily – therefore the multimedia packaging for these high volume and rapid-fire sales products has to adapt to the changing sales climate with an eye always on what’s hot and what’s not.

DVD is a good example to use. DVDs have been around since 1998 and since then their sales have climbed steadily year by year. Therefore, DVD designers have had to adapt the packaging just as quickly in order to keep the products looking fresh and modern as well as keeping ahead of the competition.

Multimedia accessories and brand names are mainly the domain of the young (children and people between 18 – 25 years) and these people are the most discerning of customers. If a product does not look good, they will not buy it however good it actually is and it quickly falls out of consumer favour. Designers know this and create quality packaging that says a lot about the product inside and retains the integrity of the brand. Cheap packaging is no longer an option (if it ever was).

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