The Importance of Fulfilment

September 8th 11, 10:35

Here at brandedmedia we understand that every product and every service requires the support of the fulfilment team. In fact, there is no aspect of industry, no matter what is being sold or what type of service is being provided, that does not require fulfilment of some kind. The many tentacles of the fulfilment department play a huge role in industry, encompassing as it does the preparation, processing and implementation of the order, packaging, dispatching and logistical solutions, implementation of a workable returns and account management system, storage, stock management, mailing, call answering service, customer service, and quality control – to name but a few.

Fulfilment is a necessary and vital part of any industry and the reputation of the fulfilment end of the business can often make or break the professional reputation of any company. Some large businesses prefer to outsource fulfilment but overall the big boys in the marketplace handle their own fulfilment internally, recognising the importance of fulfilment in gaining and keeping both a good reputation and return business.

At brandedmedia we value a properly co-ordinated and efficient fulfilment department and understand that it speaks more loudly about the business than any amount of expensive advertising campaigning. If a business has a good product and sells well at a competitive price, it is of little benefit if their fulfilment team let them down, because the customer simply will not return. With the popularity of online purchase growing steadily, fulfilment departments everywhere also require website integration to maintain competitiveness.

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