Mint Pack | Latest environmentally friendly disc packaging that is a great alternative to the standard Jewel Case

March 7th 12, 09:21

Brandedmedia are delighted to announce the birth of the Mint Pack. The Mint pack has been developed to try and offer a robust and eco friendly version of the Jewel Case. The 4pp Mint pack can hold 1 or 2 discs, or alternatively a disc and a booklet, up to 24pp. It is an excellent solution for the CD audio market in particular and its styling is reminiscent to that of the old record sleeves we all know and love! The Mint pack can be enhanced with any number of special finishes such as Foil Blocking, Matt Lamination, or Gloss Lamination and even Embossing, giving the artist endless scope to their imagination.

The fact it is made from board obviously makes the Mint pack a favourite amongst those more environmentally conscious among us, but also means that the pack is great value as it uses less expensive materials and is 60% lighter than your standard jewel cases, so incurs less transport costs.

The prices are also very attractive with 1,000 units only costing £0.63p each. We believe this is going to give the 4pp Venus Pack and the 4pp Pluto Pack a real run for their money.

If you wish to receive further details and quotations for the Mint Pack or any other packaging solution, please do not hesitate to contact the sales team on 01256 355533 or

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