CD production in Hampshire | Brandedmedia offer advanced CD & DVD design technology

February 13th 12, 15:28

The best CD design technology looks professional with slick contemporary design accompanying graphics. When it is remembered that your CD or DVD presentation acts as a virtual handshake to potential customers, it is easy to see why CD design must offer the highest quality. Brandedmedia know the importance of a good first impression and every aspect of your business will be portrayed effectively and professionally via our advanced multimedia solutions.

Brandedmedia, Basingstoke, Hampshire, offer our customers high-quality CD replication, a quick and less expensive option to duplication for higher quantities. Replication can be used for software, music, presentation or all three. CD replication works by way of the information being placed on a glass master copy, and this copy is used to create a metal stamp that is then attached to the disc-moulding device. When this relatively simple process is complete, the copy is then either silk-screen print or litho print work onto the disc. Brandedmedia use both CMYK and Pantone methods of printing. If bespoke artwork or logo is required on the disc itself, this can be transferred by our skilful Design Team to make your CD design an instantly recognised brand.

If your order is between 1–300 units, Branded Media offer a CD duplication service using top-quality duplicating and printing hardware. All brandedmedia’s machines are compatible with CD and DVD discs with the capacity to duplicate 10,000 CDs and 8,000 DVDs per day.

We also offer an exciting range of contemporary and eco-friendly packaging options.

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