Flash Drive Packaging That Does not Cost The Earth. Brandedmedia Launch The NEW USB Smart Box

September 6th 11, 19:27

There really could not be a better time to package up your USB, Flash Drive, or Memory Stick. Brandedmedia are running a promotion for the month of September, to allow customers the chance to place their USB device into a smart and professional case, we call The USB Smart Box. All you have to do is purchase your next USB, Flash Drive, or Memory Stick order with brandedmedia and for the month of September 2011, your USB device will be packed into The USB Smart Box Free Of Charge.

There are so many USB, Flash Drive, or Memory Sticks to choose from, that fit into The USB Smart Box, but even now the most popular USB device is still the classic BM01, which you can see within this page of example images.

To get the very best out of this offer, we strongly recommend that you ask for your BM01 USB device to be colour matched (pantone matched) to your artwork. We can match the rubber base of your USB to any colour you wish, ensuring complete colour continuity throughout your product.

You can see from the images on this page the amazing effects you can achieve, having the printed wrap of The USB Smart Box, your logo printed on to the metal clips and the rubber base printed to match the pantone of your choice, its just looks fantastic.

The case mechanism is identical to that of a standard DVD case. It has an acetate cover to allow you to place a printed insert inside the cover of the USB Smart Box, 2 x extra clips inside to hold a printed booklet, manual, or instruction guide. The plastic clips that hold the USB device in place are very flexible enabling most of the best selling flash drives to fit inside. Since the launch of The USB Smart Box customers have really grasped the advantages of using this case and not just giving out a USB flash drive.

The USB Smart Box has so many areas that you can have your company logo and message showing. Brandedmedia see this packaging option as the very best way to deliver your flash drive. It allows you the chance to sell other products and services from the inner booklet or printed wrap and most importantly everything is concealed safely in one box.

Packaging solutions for the USB, Flash Drive, or Memory Stick market are hard to come by. All packaging suppliers in the UK require a minimum order quantity and if you need something very bespoke in plastic then you are looking at 1000s of pounds for tooling and testing. Let alone the time this will take!

However, if you require something a little bit different from The USB Smart Box, dont be afraid to share your ideas with us. We love a challenge and will be happy to help you come up with other solutions or ideas.

If you would like to receive a USB Smart Box as a sample, please ask us today!

We have a limited amount in stock and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact the team today at or calling us on 01256 355533.

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