Now It's Time To Share Our SEO Secret

March 30th 11, 08:24

brandedmedia has seen some fantastic results over the last 3 years from constant testing and analysing within the SEO market place. Time and time again we hear our customers are being let down and over promised with No1 positions on Google and other visited search engine sites. When we entered the SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) market 10 years ago, we very quickly realised that by following some simple processes and techniques we could be found very quickly by our prospect customers. From 2001 to 2008 we paid over £240,000, and although this figure sounds big, when you analyze the customers generated from it, we had a fantastic ROI. However, this was a huge sum of money to find every month, so we invested into researching the SEO market and by employing talented individuals to help increase our main keyword and search terms we have been able to completely switch off our PPC. We were also fed up with over promised SEO companies that promised the earth and delivered nothing. And now we want to share the secrets with you........ A large percentage of our customers need to be selling more products, and most of these products are produced by brandedmedia. So now it is the time to help you achieve the targets and goals you have set, and with some careful planning we can help you realize the full potential!

Please answer the following questions, and we will gladly send you back a report that will tell you everything about your site, what is working and what could be done better.

What is the website address you are trying to promote?

Confirm the keyword or search term you wish to be listed on page 1 of Google of in the top 5 positions?

Have you or do you work with a current SEO agency and for how long?

You can't buy this report from any other SEO agency as its been designed and developed by brandedmedia.

OK, so what's the catch??

There isn't one, we will offer this report FREE of charge to all customers, and if you want to discuss a strategy for your on-line activity we offer a no risk and money back guarantee. Contact Sean Fergusson today at We can't wait to show you what can be done!!

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