Intelligent Film Packaging

October 10th 11, 12:59

In its simplest form, film packaging aspires to be as thin and unobtrusive as possible, an almost invisible yet robust barrier between the consumer and the product. However, the crown for intelligent film packaging design must go to Adam Jones, guitarist in the US rock band Tool for his brilliant design of the band’s 10,000 Days CD. The film packaging consisted, well not of film at all really but of a booklet bound in cardboard and holding a pair of stereoscopic glasses. Wear the glasses and view the pictures inside. Ingenious! Incidentally, Jones did actually receive a Grammy in 2007 (for the CD, not for the packaging).

There are many ways to package including the famous and fun bubble wrap, plain cardboard etc. but for the CD and DVD market, there will always be an individual film wrap and seal on each product.

Packaging is important and becoming more so and at brandedmedia, we value new film packaging ideas, as we understand it is often the hook to get an undecided client interested. Not only must packaging be cleverly designed and cost-effective but also sustainable.

To this end, brandedmedia take great pride in our design of eco-friendly and affordable packaging and we are always delighted to discuss the best film packaging solution with our clients.

For some honest advice and a great deal, contact brandedmedia at our Basingstoke, Hampshire offices and chat with our design team.

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