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March 16th 12, 10:01

With the continuing upsurge of the multimedia march forward, it is now apparent that a large percentage of people of all ages tend to read and share multimedia information more easily than a written press release. There are many reasons for this change, the main one being convenience: it is simple to share a story, music video or pictures at the click of a mouse and in this way news spreads more quickly but it also becomes old more quickly and more easily discarded too. This makes a headache for businesses that understand the importance of brand awareness and with internet favourites constantly changing what can a business owner do, apart from reaching for a cold compress and lying down in a darkened room?

Brandedmedia offers a complete multimedia solution from beginning to end of your project. With brandedmedia, the customer enjoys a working relationship with a designated multimedia co-ordinator that will see the project through to its culmination. Customer feedback indicates that the one-to-one service offered by brandedmedia, Basingstoke Hampshire is both beneficial and cost-effective, and as a high percentage of our projects stem from repeat business, we must be doing something right.

At you will find a selection of our products and services. Contact the brandedmedia team today to discuss your multimedia requirements in detail and let us help you keep your brand up there as the nation’s favourite.

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