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November 5th 12, 09:23

Direct mail is a method of advertising in which the advertiser is able to mail printed letters or adverts to a group of consumers. The cost of the mailing can be lowered by the use of bulk mailing and potential response is maximized by option-targeted mailing lists.

Advertisers can create an advertisement that is intended to target a big group of people dependant on factors such as their postcode, demographic, audience, or even entire country. The process of direct mail is highly complex and requires a great amount of attention to detail. It can also be very costly, particularly if a company attempts to handle it by themselves.

That being said, direct mail is relatively inexpensive when compared to the great majority of other methods of delivering fundraising messages. Direct mail is also targetable, which means that firms can send different messages to different groups of prospects or donors at different times.

Brandedmedia, via their Brandedmailing service, are becoming market leaders in the United Kingdom and in terms of international mail. Brandedmailing is able to make use of the leading postal authorities and organizations in the world in order to be able to make the most out of delivery and transit times with the ability to cut down on sorting and cost. Brandedmailing is one of the quickest growing mail and distribution providers in the country.

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