Durable Flash Drive Packaging

October 5th 11, 09:40

Because the flash drive is basically constructed by means of a small circuit board with a USB connection fitted on one end, it has no moving parts that can become damaged, and it is usually encased in some type of durable material i.e. plastic, metal, rubber etc. for added protection. This handy device is totally mobile, fitting inside a purse, pocket, or laptop case and, as all computers are manufactured with several USB ports, the USB flash drive can find a home anywhere. This simple plug and play device is the ultimate user-friendly piece of kit and even a non-techie will have no trouble in its use.
USB PackagingAt brandedmedia, we have a superb range of innovative and professional flash packaging designs, which are ideal as corporate handouts during trade shows and conferences, with your company information, and logo permanently inscribed either on the device itself or on the flash drive packaging – or both. The uses for these little USB devices are many and eco-friendly too since they are perfect for storing large amounts of pictures and text, for example company catalogues, price lists, and other information that may require frequent updating.

At brandedmedia, we pride ourselves on our unique design techniques that we offer at a no-nonsense cost and from our location at Basingstoke, Hampshire we will be delighted to address your flash drive packaging design needs along with any other media and packaging requirements you may have.

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