Bespoke Flash Drives | Flash drive designs from brandedmedia in Basingstoke

May 15th 12, 11:24

The flash drive remains popular since its inception in 1999 because it is a robust yet tiny piece of kit with no moving parts to rust, fall off, or require servicing. In short, the flash drive requires no maintenance, is easy to store and holds a massive amount of data. Reason enough then for the flash drive’s continuing popularity in businesses, schools and at home. Flash drives have also broken into the corporate giveaway market and are now one of the most popular, not to mention useful, company away day promotional handouts.

Because of the relatively simple design and the wonders of 21st century mass production, the flash drive is inexpensive to manufacture. Due to this, it has become popular to enhance these little drives and it is not uncommon to see a child doing homework by means of a flash drive design in the shape of a favourite car or superhero.

Brandedmedia recognise the enduring importance of the flash drive and to this end, we offer an extensive range of flash drive designs, which can be professionally duplicated for sale or as a complimentary giveaway for your next big sales drive. Whatever you are looking for you can be sure that brandedmedia, Basingstoke Hampshire will take time to understand your needs before working alongside you to create your ideal flash drive design at a realistic cost.

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