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October 28th 11, 11:47

Successful direct mail is always intelligently and cost effectively delivered to its target. Blanket mail shots are, as well as unprofessional and a complete waste of resources, a great nuisance to the recipient and end up in either the spam folder or the wastepaper basket.

Therefore, brandedmedia realise the importance of capitalising client return and to this end, we offer innovative and topical direct mailing solutions especially for you. From the onset of design, printing, delivery, and fulfilment, brandedmedia deliver a complete direct mailing solution that really works. A big claim perhaps but at brandedmedia we understand that no matter how good the archer, the arrow must be aimed at the target to win. Therefore, we home in on the target market and quickly devise a bespoke mail campaign to stand out from the rest.

Marketing giants and division of IPG Mediabrands MagnaGlobal boast that they do not spend a cent on marketing solutions, but rather they invest. In 2011, MagnaGlobal have already invested 1.6% of their growth rate on advertising expansion solutions (2011).

For an extensive range of our direct mail services, please see or contact us at our depot in Basingstoke, Hampshire where we will be happy to help you fulfil your direct mail requirements both nationally and globally. brandedmedia is an independent UK business and we aim to lead the direct mailing market by offering the best service at the best possible price.

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