USB Packaging

December 7th 11, 12:30

PakSense, the US sensory packaging giants, have revealed a new labelling product complete with USB connection. This works by way of displaying PDF text and a graphic combination of recorded data relating to temperature-controlled products, essential when extreme heat or cold temperatures are called for. The USB label device itself is both extremely user-friendly and recyclable.

Technology marches ever forward with innovative and enormously useful ideas such as this and at brandedmedia we understand that in order to continue to offer our customers the very best in complete packaging solutions we must remain innovative and creative, designing a complete range of inventive USB packaging which is sustainable cost-wise and yet retains bespoke appeal.

At brandedmedia, Basingstoke Hampshire our customer comes first and we are delighted to show our exciting range of USB packaging options at brandedmedia specialise in supplying the complete packaging solution in a range of materials and eco-sustainable options. USB packaging remains integral to corporate identity especially when used as complimentary gifts to prospective clients. The packaging is then just as important as it would be if the item was selected from a shelf, it speaks of your corporate identity, brand and professionalism and therefore establishes an identifiable link between your product and your company which any potential customer will recognise.

Because brandedmedia take customer care very seriously, every customer receives individual attention and daily updates on project status.

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