DVD Packaging to Add Value

October 12th 11, 10:41

In these days of reduced packaging, DVD packaging remains important as it adds value and protection to the product.

DVD Packaging
However, now DVD packaging designers have to stay ahead of the game as consumers increasingly demand eco-friendly packaging but are reluctant to pay more for it and so the game is on for all DVD packaging design teams from the smallest to the largest to find a sustainable and affordable method of ‘greener’ DVD packaging design.

DVD giants Sony set themselves a target to reduce emissions associated with DVD manufacturing and packaging by £2 million by December 2009. Sony achieved this by using ultra light cases that used up to 20% less plastic, using lighter shrink-wrap and recycled paper. This had the additional advantage of not only being more eco-friendly but lighter to ship – ultimately a win-win situation for Sony.

At brandedmedia, we pride ourselves in creating just such innovations for our customers. With no minimum set orders, we can guarantee to deliver the best product at the best price and on time. Check out our website, give us a call or drop into our offices at Basingstoke, Hampshire and see our fantastic range of DVD packaging to suit your every need. However if you have your own packaging idea in mind, talk to the brandedmedia design team and let us help you shape your idea into reality at a competitive price.

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