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February 4th 13, 14:06

Safeguarding data, software and digital content is usually a standard part of the process of software publishing, yet at the same time it is also one of the things which is the most difficult to achieve. Software publishers, CD-ROM, and content owners want the best solution that will be able to assist them with this vital objective.

The good news is that Brandedmedia is on hand to offer a state of the art solution to this multimedia problem. HexaLock technology is based on a unique and powerful architecture and it provides publishers with an entirely new way of going about protecting their digital content. HexaLock is able to go well beyond the visible and standard forms of technology in order to be able to provide the most comprehensive, simple yet powerful form of copy protection solution, enabling content owners to improve the profitability of their products as well as to optimize their proprietary technology. The HexaLock AutoLock Wizard can be implemented very easily while offering superb copy protection.

For audio CDs, CDS-200 technology allows music CD full playability on PCs and standard audio players while allowing the owners of the music rights to stop their content from being duplicated without authorization, making the files playable only from the original disc and unable to be ripped to the hard drive of a PC.

The Basingstoke, Hampshire company also uses CDS-300, which boosts to new heights the value of the CD, offering an intuitive and robust consumer experience while at the same time enabling the security of the media.

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