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June 6th 12, 09:51

With 50 per cent of purchased music now downloaded and with the CD now looking set to go the way of its vinyl granddaddy, there are still those who mourn the demise of music packaging. Ex Guns n Roses guitarist Slash declared himself one of these mourners when Absolute Radio interviewed him.

Echoing the feelings of many, Slash declared that music packaging is integral to the music itself as it gives a focus when you are listening to the music, especially for the first time. It is then that one would check out the artwork, read about the band, how the songs were created, or even the lyrics. The absence of this addendum to music must take away some of the pleasure of opening a new CD, taking the plastic off, breaking the seal, listening to it for the first time and reading the concertina card enclosed.

However, many music lovers out there agree with Slash and prefer hardcopy CD for just those reasons. Brandedmedia understand the need for tangibility in music packaging and offer an ever-widening range of CD packaging solutions, including browsers and folders that can hold a lot of information about the product whilst retaining its stylish and compact look. Brandedmedia Basingstoke Hampshire also offers lightweight mailing packs, cartons and boxes as well as sustainably sourced materials in order to offer our customers the greatest choice of music packaging.

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