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November 9th 11, 12:28

Ever mindful of the importance of not only being aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly but also being attractive to kids, Sir Paul McCartney recently held a competition for a CD design cover inspired by his new solo albums with the winning design to be displayed in a London gallery. Not only is this tactic great public relations but it also highlights the growing importance of design technology in the music business. Design has always had a special place in music, heralding back to the days of iconic albums sleeves such as Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell and the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper to name but a few.

Okay, so maybe you are not as famous as Mr. McCartney, too young to remember the Beatles, and the mighty Meatloaf era saw you still wearing nappies but perhaps you have the next iconic CD design cover as an app on your phone, currently designed or as a grubby sketch on the cover of a notebook. Whatever form your artwork takes, you can rest assured that at brandedmedia we specialise in bespoke CD design and offer the highest quality CD and DVD duplication.

This is not merely CD copying but precise duplication retaining the original quality and clarity of sounds, and we can offer this service because brandedmedia at Basingstoke, Hampshire use only the best equipment. We are always delighted to discuss any aspect of CD design with our clients.

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