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April 17th 12, 10:40

Soft drinks giants Coca-Cola is continuing its green campaign by collecting and recycling drinks containers at UK and Europe music festivals including the massive Isle of Wight and Knebworth festivals in England, the Scottish T in the Park event and in the public domain in general. Coca-Cola report that around 6-tonnes of cans, bottles and lids can be collected in the space of just one festival, all of which will be recycled.

As the public get more and more on board with the whole recycling thing, it behoves large companies like Coca-Cola and others to move actively on recycling to improve the planet, reduce packaging costs and improve public opinion. Where better to bring this element to the fore than a music festival that attracts in general young people many of whom have become extremely serious about recycling and eco-option products.

Like Coca-Cola, brandedmedia also recognises the increasing importance of recycled packaging products and to this end offers an increasing collection of music packaging design from sustainable materials. Brandedmedia Basingstoke Hampshire understands that recycled music packaging need not mean dull colours and cheap looking materials. By using the highest quality technology brandedmedia can create bespoke music packaging for your CD and DVD products in vibrant colours and from a range of materials.

Check out and see our fantastic music packaging designs, all of which can be amended and tailored to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

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