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January 5th 12, 12:30

USB design is one of the most versatile pieces of kit since the advent of the CD itself. USB designs are being made more compact, they use less power, and the technology supporting the USB process is easier to utilise than ever before. USB is very much a standard link for external hardware units to connect to PCs as well as being powerful enough to operate small products.

In 2004, the standard USB evolved to become the faster USB2.0. USB2.0 operates at 480mb/second as opposed to 12 MB/second of previous USB units, and this vast difference in speed makes USB more viable to use in mainstream PCs and laptops. This robust pocket rocket piece of hardware is especially helpful in powering devices such as the digital camera, movie camera etc. Therefore, as IT technology rolls forward USB design is right out there in front with the industry movers and shakers.

brandedmedia have a great range of off-the-shelf USB designs ideal for delivering training or presentation and for working from multiple PCs. brandedmedia, Basingstoke Hampshire also offer a complete USB duplication and flash-drive packaging, ideal for raising company profile when etched with your brand name. We are also happy to discuss any aspect of bespoke USB products created specifically to target market and at an affordable price.

Check out our website at and see how we can help you move your business forward.

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