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October 8th 12, 12:05

Capcom is trying to find the answer to a problem that has resulted in the most recent patch for the controversial Resident Evil 6 PS3 games not just failing to work but also actually fully disabling the game. As the issue has rendered downloadable versions of the game completely unplayable, due to what many suspect is a kind of messed up copy protection system, Capcom has released a lengthy statement offering a workaround to frustrated gamers while acknowledging that they are working to try to fix the mistake.

Having working copy protection is vital for any company that wishes to safeguard its data, digital content, and software. As the above story makes clear, this is a actually an extremely difficult task to do well, and it is very important that the copy protection works to protect the copyright of the content yet still leaves the content free to be enjoyed by the consumer who has purchased it.

Brandedmedia offers the use of the HexaLock technology for the purpose of copy protection. A state of the art solution based upon a one of a kind and very powerful architecture, HexaLock offers the simplest, most fully comprehensive, and strongest copy protections solution on the market today.

This Basingstoke, Hampshire company can allow content owners to make the most of their proprietary technology while at the same time increasing the profitability of their product with the use of this excellent, easy to implement copy protection solution.

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