USB Designs

August 9th 11, 12:43

The advent of the Universal Serial Bus (USB) in the 1990s in its basic design allowed computer users more portability than ever before. The term USB commonly includes all cabling, connection devices, ports, and associated equipment that allows for connectivity, communication and data transfer between computers and any electronic device. Most USB’s are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macs.

Briefly, the design of USB cables is simple:
1. Flat oblong-shaped cable that connects with computer: USB-A.
2. Small square-shaped connector to connect to the external device: USB-B.

Smaller devices, for example mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, video and voice recorders etc. use a smaller connector known as a Mini B.

USB design memory sticks are also popular promotional accessories for corporate events and seminars. These devices are excellent inexpensive promotional giveaways and USB designs can also be custom-made to include company logo and contact details. Innovative USB design is the modern equivalent of the ballpoint pen, a popular corporate handout in the 70s and 80s. USB memory sticks also come in a range of fun shapes e.g. hamburger, telephone box, dolphin, biscuit etc.

With all the USB devices now on offer your poor old computer is bound to run out of available ports so enter the USB hub that offers those handy extra ports, often in a fun or cartoon shape.
A new single-port USB is now available, which is specifically designed for multimedia use in tough, industrial environments such as factories, garages, and portable outdoor situations. The design includes a 44-inch cable that is reinforced and weather-protected to safeguard the adapter and other components. (DesignNews)

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