Film Packaging

August 24th 11, 09:58

With consumer products being shipped all over the world, the film packaging industry has never been in such demand. There are many types of ingenious protective film packaging design for all kinds of products, from food supplies to pharmaceuticals, film packaging is essential. For example, if the customer is sending a delicate cylindrical roll, then there are tough, durable, and crush-proof tubes with a square-shaped outer that aids pallet building and storage; and this is only one example of the innovative distribution and storage methods available.

For the customer, the desire is to have his goods safely packed, meet legal requirements, and shipped at an affordable rate. For the film manufacturer, the challenge is to offer a price-competitive and sustainable product at a manageable cost. Reckitt Benkiser, manufacturer of Calgon dishwasher tablets decided to offer promotional multi-packs of this product and, due to packaging technology, they were able to adapt to the multipack configuration without incurring additional expense.

Eco-friendly biodegradable packaging has come a long way in the last few years and any film manufacturer worth his salt now has at least one of these products in their range. This is one more reason why the film packaging industry cannot afford to be static. In order to maintain success they must keep an eye on product ranges and how they are changing. As commodities become more compact, (mobile phones and computers are good examples) then the packaging industry must find a cost-effective means to skilfully reduce the packaging model.

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